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In order to provide clients with the benefit of coordinated services on cross-border matters involving Mexico and the U.S., Strasburger & Price LLP (Strasburger) and the Mexican law firm Struck, Palafox & Perez Ortega, PLLC (SPPO) have formed two affiliated law firms.

  • Strasburger & SPPO, S.C., a Mexican firm that provides services through attorneys admitted to practice Mexican law
  • Struck, Palafox & Perez Ortega, S.C., a U.S. firm that provides services through attorneys admitted to practice law in Texas, New York, and other States of the U.S.

Together, the Strasburger/SPPO firms advise clients on:

  • how to conduct business in either country;
  • how to protect assets located in and businesses operating in either country;
  • investment-based and corporate immigration matters, including compliance issues;
  • the security of assets and investments;
  • the intricate nature of impact investing, cross-border lending (both secured and unsecured), and other financial transactions;
  • tax strategies and compliance with tax laws, including the U.S. Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA);
  • trade compliance, transportation, and logistics when importing/exporting goods internationally;
  • how to comply with both the Global Anti-Corruption Law and the U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practice Act; and
  • dispute resolution, including enforcement of foreign judgments and arbitral awards.

The Strasburger/SPPO firms include attorneys in the International team of Strasburger and the attorneys of SPPO with substantial international experience in:

  • forming new enterprises (ranging from startups to subsidiaries), joint ventures, mergers and acquisitions, dispositions of assets, financing transactions, capitalization (including private placements of securities and corporate governance)e;
  • emerging markets finance, including infrastructure, water, power, oil and gas, renewable energy, mining and roads;
  • the development of new financing and investment vehicles for borrowers, banks, investors, and investment recipients initiating or expanding operations;
  • U.S. immigration matters, including investment-based immigration, as well as immigration compliance and long-term immigration strategies;
  • international trade compliance, including NAFTA, valuation and classification, resolving customs penalties, obtaining CTPAT enrollment and verification, commodity classification, licensing, record-keeping and recording requirements;
  • negotiating and drafting complex nationwide and international logistics and supply chain management contracts;
  • emerging issues related to crowdfunding, including regulation of issuers and portals, reporting obligations, and ongoing regulatory developments; and
  • areas related to commercial contracts, franchising, distribution, and information technology issues.

The Strasburger/SPPO firms collaborate with our clients to gain a comprehensive understanding of their immediate and long-term business goals. We provide practical legal advice that helps our clients achieve those goals and protect their business interests.

To learn more about the Strasburger/SPPO firms, please contact Mary Rose Brusewitz, John Rogers, Francisco Perez Ortega, or Diego Palafox Castillo.

To learn more about SPPO and its partners – Gustavo Struck Creel, Diego J Palafox Castillo, and Francisco J. Perez Ortega – click here.