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Event Explores Emerging Issues in Taxation

Written by Strasburger & Price, LLP

Emerging tax and business issues, some lifted from the headlines, are the topics included in the 2017 Tax Symposium presented by Strasburger & Price, LLP. Now in its 31st year, the annual program offers valuable insights on tax law to CFOs, controllers, accountants, financial planners and in-house tax specialists.

Delivered by Strasburger’s tax, estate planning and employee benefits team, the Symposium covers these important issues:

  • Trusts & Estate Planning
  • International Tax
  • Corporate Taxation
  • Partnership Tax Rules
  • State Tax Update
  • The Latest IRS Developments

“Tax issues, whether local or federal, from changes in code to talk about major reforms, can have a major impact on businesses and individuals,” said John K. Round, leader of Strasburger’s Tax Law Practice. “Drawing from the firm’s extensive experience in tax law, the Tax Symposium delivers important information on the key aspects of taxation that financial professionals need to know.”

Strasburger’s 2017 Tax Symposium will be offered in Dallas and San Antonio this November. Please click your preferred location for more information and to register.