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You may choose to get Strasburger blogs delivered to you free using RSS/XML feeds.

RSS/XML feeds can update headlines on your computer software as content is changed and added on

Getting started:

1. Download and install free RSS reader software.

2. Add the 'channel' link(s) below to your RSS reader (click on the icon for the rss feed)

That's all there is to it! (You must have an RSS reader installed in order to subscribe using the links above.)

Frequently asked Questions:

What is RSS?
RSS (really simple syndication) is a format for distributing and aggregating content on the Web such as newsletters, media releases, podcasts, etc.

What do RSS/XML feeds do?
They gather information related to your areas of interest - Health Industry Online, Intellectual Property, Taxes, Buisness and Labor, etc.- and deposit them all on your desktop. So, in effect, we inform you when new content is available to view.

How do I read these feeds?
Once information/content is in RSS format, RSS reader software can check for changes and updates. These headlines will appear on your PC or laptop with a short summary. If you like what you see, you can always click through to the full copy on the web site.

Some free RSS readers available on the Net…

I have a RSS reader. What do I do next?
Now you need RSS feeds to read. Each feed is just like the address of a Web page. All you need to do is use the 'subscribe' function of your RSS reader to start receiving updates.

How can I read Strasburger PDF's on my iPad?