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Employers Face New Normal

Written by Strasburger & Price, LLP on September 5, 2017

Strasburger & Price presents Snap(chat), Crackle & Pop: Social Media in the Workplace, a series of live events covering critical social media issues, such as privacy, productivity and security, that businesses must address. Delivered by the firm’s Labor and Employment legal team, the program provides information for employers, HR professionals and corporate counsel who appreciate the importance of social media but do not want to compromise the workplace.

Topics covered during Snap(chat), Crackle & Pop: Social Media in the Workplace include:

  • Impact of social media and social networking on the workplace
  • Using social media in workplace investigations
  • Ethical implications of social media, particularly for lawyers and HR professionals
  • Keeping your confidential information off social media
  • Protecting your business with policies and procedures

“Employee use of social media in the workplace is inevitable. Some employers encourage employee social media use such that they become corporate ambassadors” said Kimberly Moore leader of Strasburger’s Labor and Employment practice. “Social media engagement can also create many challenges for human resource and corporate legal teams. Strasburger’s team of experienced labor and employment lawyers offer instruction and advice to help companies understand how to navigate the social media landscape.”

Snap(chat), Crackle & Pop: Social Media in the Workplace will be offered four times in September. Please click your preferred location (below) for more information or to register.

Part of Strasburger’s Quarterly Employment Law Breakfast Series