Judith Blakeway Cautions Online Reviewers About Defamatory Statements

A lawsuit filed by a prominent local veterinarian against a man who wrote a negative review of his practice on the on-line consumer site ‘’ has raised serious questions about what customers can and cannot say in reviews they write on line, 1200 WOAI news reports.

Judith Blakeway, an attorney with the local firm of Strasburger Price and the former attorney for the San Antonio Light, is one of the state’s leading experts on the law of libel, slander, and defamation. She says the key is not to state any facts which you cannot prove are correct.

“If you write ‘I think he’s a crook,’ and then if you go on and say ‘I think he’s a crook because he stole the money,’ your opinion is not verifiable but the fact is, and if the fact is false, then that’s defamatory,” she said.

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