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Overheard @ Infocast ERCOT Market Summit

As Seen In RTO Insider.

Infocast’s annual ERCOT Market Summit once again drew ISO staff, market participants and others for panel discussions on market reform, grid resiliency, resource adequacy, transmission constraints, wholesale price volatility, and integrating utility-scale solar power and battery storage.

Some of ERCOT’s more vocal members urged caution as the market approaches a summer with projected record demand but with almost 8GW less in generation after a wave of retirements and delays in planned projects.

“At what levels does ERCOT take emergency actions? When does load shed begin?” asked Strasburger & Price’s Mark Walker, before answering his own question (when operating reserves reach 1,000 MW). “Hitting the offer cap with only 2,000 MW of available capacity left is sensible. If you look at actual prices when RUC resources are deployed by ERCOT under pressure from load, congestion, and intermittent resources swings, the prices today really don’t reflect that we’re in an emergency situation or a serious reliability condition.”

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