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San Antonio Power Couples: Marty & Debbie Roos

As seen in the San Antonio Business Journal.

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, the San Antonio Business Journal presents “2018 Power Couples,” including Partner-in-Charge of Strasburger in San Antonio Marty Roos and his wife Debbie.

Two of the few things that Debbie and Marty Roos don’t agree on are the beach and whether their children should attend college in Texas.

As an Omaha, Nebraska, native, Debbie’s not a big fan of sand. And she believes her children should get out and see other places while going to school. After all, education—more specifically, Trinity University—is what brought her to San Antonio.

For Marty, who grew up in Port Arthur, the beach was part of everyday life and staying close to home for school was what folks did. And while he may never convince Debbie that the beach is a great getaway spot, he is coming around to the idea that leaving the state for college has benefits.

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