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Social Media: Strasburger Helps Employers with New Normal

October 9, 2017

Strasburger & Price, LLP presented “Snap(chat), Crackle & Pop: Social Media in the Workplace” covering critical social media issues, such as privacy, productivity and security, for successful businesses. The program provided information for employers, HR professionals and corporate counsel who appreciate the importance of social media but do not want to compromise the workplace. It was the latest offering in Strasburger’s quarterly Employment Law Breakfast Series.

“Employee use of social media in the workplace is inevitable. Some employers encourage employee social media use such that they become corporate ambassadors” said Kimberly Moore, chair of Strasburger’s Labor and Employment Team. “Social media engagement can also create many challenges for human resource and corporate legal teams. Strasburger’s team of experienced labor and employment lawyers offered instruction and advice to help companies understand how to navigate the social media landscape.”

During the Social Media in the Workplace presentations, attendees gained insight into:

Impact of social media and social networking on the workplace
Using social media in workplace investigations
Ethical implications of social media, particularly for lawyers and HR professionals
Keeping your confidential information off social media
Protecting your business with social media policies and procedures

Strasburger attorneys Adam Boland, Stephanie Gaston, Soña Ramirez, Marie Rovira, Monica Velazquez, and Jana Woelfel delivered the presentation in Austin, Plano, Houston and San Antonio. All are highly experienced employment lawyers, and most are Board Certified in Employment Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization. In addition to providing reliable information on social media issues in the workplace, this program also qualified for CLE credit with the State Bar of Texas and HRCI credit for human resource professionals.

Strasburger’s employment lawyers understand the vast legal challenges of the work environment. From hiring, pay, ending employment and social media issues, the Strasburger team assists companies of all sizes with their employment law challenges. Furthermore, Strasburger attorneys collaborate closely with each client to anticipate needs, prevent problems, and provide outstanding service.

The next installments of the Quarterly Employment Law Breakfast Series will be in November and December covering the topic of I-9 Compliance. Information will be posted on the events section of later in the fall. If you have any questions or would like more information about the next installment, please contact Emilie McCarthy.



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